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The Velderet,  a cybersex s/m serial by Cecilia Tan

More on the Kylar

There's a lot to say about the Kylar that I am not going to get into here. Basically, they are a space-faring conquering race who have built up quite an empire.

S/M, dominance and submission, and the explicit use of sex as a tool for control as well as for spiritual purposes, are institutionalized in their culture. Their ancient predecessors, from their Stone Age, worshipped two deities, Zal and Kyl. Of the pair, Zal was the Top, Kyl the bottom, and all of their creation myths, fables, and cautionary tales revolve around this relationship.

Of course, different people interpret religious messages differently, and over the ages the Kylar went through various social upheavals, but the predominant strain of their culture was one that believed that they were created to be the dominant race among the humanoid populations of the galaxy. The Kylar maintain their empire by finding new worlds and taking them over. They have enslaved entire populations of sentient beings they judged were not their equals and believe none to be their betters. It's hard to argue with them when they possess the power and technology to destroy just about anything.

Others, though, maintain that mass enslavement is an abomination. In fact, they believe that one master having multiple slaves is wrong--sort of how some folks here on Earth believe that having more than one spouse is wrong.

I've written various stories that take place at various times in the expansion of the Kylaran empire. Some are not yet finished--some are not yet published. Among those that have appeared:

  • Telepaths Don't Need Safewords -- first appeared on alt.sex.bondage back in November 1991. It was the first S/M smut story I wrote. A few months later I self-published a chapbook including this story and two others. It's available from Circlet Press and at hip bookstores. The story also appears in the book Black Feathers. The story itself doesn't mention the Kylar, but Arshan, one of the main characters, is a member of the ruling class who has removed himself from Kylaran society.
  • The Game -- first appeared in the anthology "No Other Tribute" (ed. Laura Antoniou, Masquerade Books) and I later reprinted it in Black Feathers. In this story, a world is slowing being changed by the Kylar as they move closer to joining the empire. A young convict paying her debt to society as a type of indentured servant finds herself attracting the attention of her planet's Overlord.
  • The Auction -- this is a novella, or possibly a novel, in a similar vein to the Velderet, that I began writing about ten years ago, and haven't finished because, well, no deadline. An academic sociologist, stranded among the Kylar she has gone to study, finds herself drawn into a relationship with a slave trainer while trying to get home. Incidentally, the slave trainer is Arshan's father.
  • Other stories about Arshan and Mriah -- the main characters in Telepaths Don't Need Safewords have been in a few other stories I have written but not published. The story of how they met, for example. One of these days maybe they'll see the light of day.

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